Storage Info and Tips

Finding a place to store your belongings is an important step… but there are other things to consider. 
You may be needing extra space for just a couple months, or maybe a long term solution.  Making the best decisions now can help make that period in your life go as smoothly as possible.

Check out the information below to help you out along the way.

What Size Storage Unit Do I Need?

Figuring out how much storage space you need can be tricky, especially if you do not have a self storage game plan.  Create a list of the items that you are going to be storing. Choosing the right size unit will ensure that you only pay for the storage you need.  By understand the basic storage unit sizes, unit capacity, and recommended items for storage – you will be well on your way to efficient and effective self storage of your own.

5 x 5:  A 5 x 5 storage unit can handle the contents of a small closet. They’re great for a few boxes and a piece or two of furniture, like a desk and a chair. These are popular among college students.

5 x 10:  Storage of this particular size is popular among those who live in one bedroom or studio apartments, as it will typically handle the content of such a living space. Unlike a 5 x 5, you should be able to fit a couch or bed set into a 5 x 10, provided your couch or bed set are not extra large.

10 x 10:  This middlemost standard size of storage is also the most common and popular. These units are about the size of a large bedroom and can handle the contents of a typical two-bedroom apartment.

10 x 15:  This is where we get into heavy-duty storage needs. A 10 x 15 should be able to handle the contents of an entire one-bedroom house, and can even be used to store small cars and boats.

10 x 20:  Likely to be used by families who need to store the entire contents of their home, 10 x 20 storage units are capable of storing the contents of a four bedroom house. You should even be able to fit some midsize to large vehicles in here, like trucks, trailers and boats.

10 x 30:  Though this may not exactly be common enough to call a standard size, we’ll still mention this behemoth, which should be able to handle the storage needs of any family or business.

Storage Tips

Storing and packing just got easier!  Here are a few helpful storage tips…